• Electric Screw Driver

    DEPRAG handheld screwdrivers are designed to fulfill the highest requirements for the industrial assembly. Due to the wide torque-range, designs that fit any application and by using the most modern
  • Battery Shutoff Tools

    FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers are fully equipped forcontinuous use in industry. Outstanding ergonomics and short designs. Maximum functionality and a simple operating concept. High quality screw connections in the 6 to
  • Manipulator Arm

    Manipulator M1 Being the lightest portable manipulator with various quick change gripping systems (jaws, vacuum or magnet), the operator can work in excellent ergonomic and safety conditions while gaining an
  • Torque Reaction Arm

    Series 3The most famous and versatile 3ARM®. The equipment consist in a combination on a radial arm + tilting arm which turn 360º around themselves. Both structures arms have different lengths
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